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Did you receive my online registration?

We use school engage as our online registration system.  When you finish your registration you will receive an email stating that your registration is complete.  Please do not call the office during this time to check on your registration status.  You will receive a welcome email with your login credentials once your registration is fully processed.

Do I need to re-register for second semester?

No. If you are a student of GHLA in the first semester you simply need to call or email us to add your second-semester course(s). If you sign in to your School Engage account you can also fill out an Additional Course Request Form. Then you just need to sit back and wait for the new courses to show up in Moodle.

When do classes start?

We follow the Golden Hills School Division Calendar  Even though you can log in anytime to access your courses, our staff is only available during our division school days.  Please keep this in mind when you are calling or requesting a meeting with your teachers.

Can I attend 1 of your classes while going to High School full-time?

Yes, you are allowed to take up to 10 credits with us through the school year in addition to being a full-time high school student.  Be sure you have the time to commit to another class's work. A 5 credit class usually requires a minimum of 10 hrs a week.

Are online classes easier than in school classes?

No.  Whether you are online or in school your classes will cover the Alberta Curriculum.  Some students find it easier to do online classes as they can learn at their own pace and at a time that works for them.  We also sometimes offer classes that your own school does not offer, or can only offer at certain times. Our complete class list is updated often.

Can I still receive my High School Diploma by going completely online?

Yes.  We are a fully Accredited Alberta High School.  We offer all the classes required to receive your diploma.  We also have a small grad ceremony held in Strathmore for our graduates in June.

What is the difference between Traditional (Parent-led) Home Education, Teacher-led Home Education, and Blended Home Education?

Traditional Home Education is a home-learning program designed for parents who have the desire to plan, teach, and support their children's learning. Parents have the flexibility and ownership to develop and select learning opportunities that best meet their children's individual needs and are in charge of all aspects of their child's learning. A certified teacher facilitates and supports your learning program throughout the year. Within the Traditional Home Education program, there are two formal evaluations that allow families to showcase their plans and learning progress. 

Teacher-led Home Education is an engaging a-synchronous online program that follows the Alberta Program of Studies. Teachers plan, assess, and provide continuous feedback throughout the year as they support your child through their year of learning. The Teacher-Led Home Education program includes individualized learning options and supports diverse learners in math, language arts, social, and science subjects. 

Blended Home Education is a shared responsibility learning option incorporating a combination of Traditional and Teacher-Led programs. Parents pick two subjects they want their child to learn online through the teacher-led program and then take on the teaching responsibilities for the other two subjects. 

For more information visit our Home Education Page

I have already graduated can I upgrade?

Yes, if you are 19 years old or younger you can take whatever classes you need, free of charge.  If you are 20 or older you will have to pay to take a class with us.  Please email us at or call us at 403-934-5179 to discuss your options.

We also offer credit recovery if you wish to improve your mark in a class you have already taken.

Do you offer a Kindergarten Program?

No, we do not at this time offer a kindergarten program. Our school is for grades 1-12 only.

Will I have to come to Strathmore to write my exams?

Yes and no.

For non-diploma exams, you can write them online through Google Meet. 

For diploma exams, you will have to write in Strathmore or another writing center of your choice.  We do open a writing center in Calgary if we have enough students to warrant doing so.  If you are from somewhere else in the province you will have to check with the local school or writing center to see if they will allow you to write your diploma exam there.  Diploma exams are not optional and must be written in order to receive a mark.

For grade 6 and 9 students writing Provincial Achievement Tests, we can try our best to find a school close to your home that has room to accommodate you. 

I don't live in Alberta can I still take classes from your school?

We only offer classes to students currently living in Alberta.  If you are from out of the country you may be interested in Golden Hills International. They offer a variety of programs to fit your needs. Including homestay and dormitory options.

Can I withdraw after I start my class(es)?

Yes, every semester there is a deadline to withdraw without penalty.  After that, there is a $200 withdrawal fee that will be charged for every class you drop.

What is Credit Recovery?

If you have already taken a course and wish to improve your mark, you can retake the course with us.  Instead of redoing the whole course you can do parts of it that you didn't do well on last time (your teacher will decide what you redo).  You must redo at least 50% of the course, but may need to do more depending on your goals.

School Notice

Registration update

Effective immediately, The Learning Academy is charging a withdrawal fee of $200 per course for any withdrawals after Feb 28th at 5 pm. In order to withdraw, you must first email your teacher.