2023 2024 school calendar

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Golden Hills School Division School Calendar

Uploaded on September 28 2023

2023-2024 High School Course List

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Uploaded on November 6 2023

2023-24 Diploma Exam Schedule

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2023-24 Online High School and Jr High Registration Package

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Uploaded on August 27 2023

Chrome Book keyboard tip sheet for other languages

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shortcuts to do different accents with the Chrome Book

Uploaded on February 8 2022

Dual Credit Cooking Courses

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Uploaded on August 23 2021

Dual Credit Guidebook for Lethbridge College

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For the 2023-2024 school year. Application deadline is Jun 15 2023 contact to enroll.

Uploaded on May 10 2023

GHLA 2022-2025 Education Plan

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Uploaded on February 2 2023

GHLA Plagiarism policy

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2021 GHLA Plagiarism Policy

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GHLA reading challenge

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a printable poster of the GHLa reading challenge

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Golden Hills Learning Academy School Education Report 2023 2024

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Golden Hills School Division Calendar 2022 2023

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Green Certificate

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Uploaded on November 16 2023

How To Create A PowerSchool Student Or Parent Portal Account

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June 14 2023 Strathmore Times

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The grad edition of our 2023 Grad ceremony. We are featured on page 7.

Uploaded on June 15 2023

Olds college dual credits available

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A description of the dual credit classes now offered with Olds college.

Uploaded on September 3 2021

Online Learning Student Family Guide

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Uploaded on May 31 2021

Student Registration FOIP Form

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Revised 2023. Downloaded from the Hub

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School Notice

Course Withdrawal Fee

For course registrations received before March 1st, there will be a one-week grace period from the time the Welcome email has been sent before a $225 withdrawal fee will be charged.
As of March 1st there will be a $225 charge to withdraw from any high school course.