Adult Learners

Adult Learners

Unlike many schools within Alberta, GHLA accepts students who are over the age of 20 years old as of September 1st.  GHLA offers our adult learners the same advantages that our high school students have.  This allows students the flexibility to work during the day and study in the evenings.  By fast-tracking, students can upgrade courses for entrance into college and university in a short period of time. GHLA collaborates with Community Futures and Alberta Employment and Immigration to offer counseling and career planning services in order to choose the most appropriate program. See the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) link below for more information regarding career planning. 


For all adult students who wish to upgrade and complete a high school diploma, there are a few funding options. Our recommendation is to contact your local Alberta employment office. Visit the Alberta Learning Income Support(ALIS) page here for funding information.

School Notice

Course Withdrawal Fee

For course registrations received before March 1st, there will be a one-week grace period from the time the Welcome email has been sent before a $225 withdrawal fee will be charged.
As of March 1st there will be a $225 charge to withdraw from any high school course.