Home Education

Traditional Parent-Led Home Education Program

TRADITIONAL HOME EDUCATION (Parent-Led Program)  Registration Package

  • This program is for parents who desire to plan, teach and support their children's learning
  • Parents have flexibility and ownership to develop and select learning opportunities that best meet their children's individual needs
  • A certified teacher will facilitate and support learning program throughout the year
  • Two formal evaluations allow learners to showcase their individual progress and learning
  • Funding is available to support learning

Blended Program of Parents & Teachers

BLENDED (Program of Studies and Traditional Program)  Registration Package

  • Shared responsibility with parents and teacher
    • Teacher-directed Language Arts and Math
    • Parent-directed Science and Social Studies
    • Partial funding available to support learning

Teacher-Directed Learning

PROGRAM OF STUDIES (Teacher-Directed Learning)  Registration package

  • We are online, self-paced, and teacher-supported (asynchronous)
  • Independent student learning with the support of guardians
    • Engaging online curriculum
    • Follows Alberta Program of Studies for all core subjects
    • Individualized learning goals and extra supports
    • Teachers plan, assess, and provide continuous feedback throughout the year
    • Flexible or adaptable scheduling to meet your family needs (asynchronous schedule)
    • All resources are provided to support diverse learners
    • Field trips and extracurricular experiences available throughout Alberta (COVID permitting)
  • We are not a live online program (synchronous)
  • Teachers do not deliver daily online lessons to students (via zoom or Google meet)

School Notice

Registration update

Effective immediately, The Learning Academy is charging a withdrawal fee of $200 per course for any withdrawals after Feb 28th at 5 pm. In order to withdraw, you must first email your teacher.