Grades K - 12 Online Learning

Senior High - Grades 10-12

Golden Hills Learning Academy High School provides personalized, asynchronous, and flexible online learning with a combination of core, CTS, and option courses for grades 10-12.  Students can access their program from great distances as a means to address any of the following circumstances:

  • Students wishing to travel
  • Students who are involved in sports
  • Students who suffer from health issues
  • Students wishing to complete high school early
  • Students wishing to upgrade
  • Students who aren't comfortable in a physical high school
  • Students wishing to work independently and at their own pace
  • Students who wish to earn money while gaining high school credits

With GHLA there is a variety of programs available online at your fingertips.  These include:

  • Online and distance learning in a variety of high school courses
  • Special Projects, RAP, Green Certificate, and Work Experience
  • Knowledge and Employability

As of October 1st, 2023, there is a $225 fee to withdraw from any high school course.

If you wish to withdraw from your course you MUST first speak with your teacher and if the withdrawal is approved, your teacher will have you fill out the GHLA withdrawal form.

High school students can register anytime throughout the year.  For more information, please contact us

**If you already have a GHSD SchoolEngage account please sign in to register and do not create a new account.

Information on career planning
High School Course List

High School Upgrading/Credit Recovery

High School Upgrading involves retaking a minimum of 50% of a course to improve the grade of a course that you have passed and received the credits for.

Credit Recovery involves retaking a course that you did not pass and did not receive credits for.

Golden Hills Learning Academy offers upgrading and credit recovery options for senior high and adult students.  These include:

  • The ability to retake a course to improve on school-awarded marks,
  • Upgrading levels of any given subject to gain the prerequisites for post-secondary education.
  • Retaking diploma exams either along with the course or on their own. 
    • When a student re-writes a diploma exam, they will receive the higher of the two marks.  This diploma mark will then be blended with the class mark to obtain the final grade on the transcript *Please note that there is a fee for re-writing any diploma exams and the student is responsible for registering for the diploma through their MyPass account.

Please fill out a 24-25 Online Program Student Registration if you are not yet a GHLA student. If you are a current GHLA student and would like to add an additional course please sign into PowerSchool and fill out the Addition Course Request in SchoolEngage or call 403-934-5179 Ext 7021 and speak to Rhonda Olson.

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Junior High - Grades 7-9

Golden Hills Learning Academy offers a completely online, asynchronous junior high program. 

Our program offers students flexibility in their learning environment that traditional schools cannot provide. Students create their own timetable based on the required hours Alberta Education has for each course.

Junior High students who are successful in our courses are self-motivated, organized, and enjoy working independently. Parents (or Guardians) are the key to the success of this type of learning. We depend on them to help our Junior High students stay on task and keep up with their schedules. As most Junior High students are under 16 years old, we strongly encourage supervision of the program.  The GHLA staff works closely with the student and the parents in offering online, over-the-phone, and face-to-face tutoring and support.

Junior High students living outside of Golden Hills School Division will need to register before September 30th each school year.

Junior High students from within Golden Hills School Division can only move to GHLA within the school year if given a referral from their current school and our GHLA admin accepts the referral.

Junior High Courses

Core Courses

  • Language Arts 7, 8 and 9
  • Science 7, 8, and 9
  • Social Studies 7, 8, and 9
  • Math 7, 8 and 9

Option Courses are available for students who are on track in their core courses.

*If you are new to Golden Hills School Division, choose the  "2024-2025 ONLINE PROGRAM Student Registration" in SchoolEngage.

*If you are a current GHSD student, contact our office before you register. 

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Elementary - Grades K-6

PROGRAM OF STUDIES (Teacher-Directed Online Learning) 

GHLA provides an online, self-paced, and teacher-supported (asynchronous) elementary program which incorporates the following:

  • Independent student learning with the support of guardians
    • Engaging online curriculum
    • Follows Alberta Program of Studies for all core subjects
    • Individualized learning goals and extra supports
    • Teachers plan, assess, and provide continuous feedback throughout the year
    • Flexible or adaptable scheduling to meet your family needs (asynchronous schedule)
    • All resources are provided to support diverse learners
    • Field trips and extracurricular experiences available throughout Alberta
  • We are not a live online program (synchronous)
  • Teachers do not deliver daily online lessons to students.

*If you are new to Golden Hills School Division, choose the  "2024-2025 ONLINE PROGRAM Student Registration" in SchoolEngage.

*If you are a current GHSD student, contact our office before you register. 

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Online Learning Requirements and Expectations


The online courses require a computer, an internet connection (using a web browser such as Google Chrome), and Microsoft Word. The online courses are delivered via Moodle. Moodle is a program that students access via our website and it contains all of our online courses. Once students are registered with us, they receive a username and password for Moodle so they can access their online courses.

The assignments are marked by the teachers and then returned in Moodle. Students should always review their marked assignments as teachers will add suggestions and corrections to their work. Phone calls and emails to teachers are encouraged to improve student/teacher interaction. Online quizzes and tests are also posted via Moodle. There is an orientation video on the Dashboard of Moodle to help students and parents learn how to use the Moodle platform to access the courses.

Teacher Assistance

Students can, and are encouraged to, contact their teachers for help with their courses on school days (see school calendar ) between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  They can email teachers at any time. Students can make arrangements with teachers to meet virtually for tutorials as needed.

Final Exams & Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs)

All Diploma and PAT exams must be written in person for all core subjects.  These will take place in Strathmore unless other arrangements are made.

Seeing as students are working at their own pace and may finish courses earlier than others, they will need to make arrangements with their teachers to write their final exams.

Grade 6 and 9 students will write the Provincial Achievement Tests (PATs) in person, on the dates required by Alberta Education.

High School Diploma Exams must be written in person at an Alberta Education approved writing facility. Students need to confirm with GHLA that they are registered to write their Diploma Exams and where.