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Useful links for students

MY PASS   if you are looking for your transcript go the Alberta my pass

Tip sheet  for Chrome Book Keyboard other languages

Kids Help Phone  Need someone to reach out to? Kids Help Phone is a great place to research difficult subjects or to reach out to someone. Call 1-800-668-6868, Text 686868

Digital Museums Canada  Want to visit a museum without leaving your house? Click here to go on a free adventure.

Canadian Museum of History Online Exhibits  Over 20 online exhibits about Canadian history. Including dolls, hockey, moccasins, quilts, etc. 

Canadian War Museum The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa with online games and exhibits.

Scholastic Book Orders  To order online from the scholastic Book orders. Use class code RC201062 and receive free shipping to your house on orders over $40.


GHLA Reading Challenge

Announcing GHLA's reading challenge.

This year's reading challenge is all set up at ready to go.

Print out the sheet and put a sticker over the ones you complete.  1 a month will get you to the end of the school year.  


List of challenges 

  • Read a book by an indigenous author
  • Read a mystery book
  • Read a historical book
  • Read a biography
  • Read a book where an animal is the main character
  • Read a book by a person of colour
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Read a poem
  • Read a book with a TV or movie Tie-In
  • Read a magazine or newspaper article
  • Bonus if you do all of the above using a picture book, graphic novel, and a chapter book

If you are looking for a list of recommendations  This is a live list I will keep updated as the year goes on.  Feel free to send me suggestions about what good books you have read!!


Sora Reading App

The Sora app is available on iTunes and Google play. It can be used on virtually any device.  It allows students to read and listen to hundreds of different books and magazines. 


Using your GHSD credentials


You can log in and select Golden Hills Learning Academy as your home library. If you have any problems please contact our librarian Jennifer Young  

School Fees

School Fees 

To pay for school items, extra curricular activities, lost textbooks etc.