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Club Survey

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Online Survey to take our google survey about what clubs you would like to see offered.


This year at Golden Hills Learning Academy we want to focus on building a community within our school. One of the ways that we have decided to try and build that community is to offer more club activities. Our school already has a few fun and interesting clubs such as Minecraft Club and Chess Club, and we want to add even more. The link above will take you to a short survey (approximately 5 minutes long) which will ask you some questions about what clubs you might be interested in as a GHLA student or parent. We will take this data, and use it to figure out which club activities people are most interested in. We will then use this information to create clubs and other activities that our students will want to participate in and enjoy.

Please take the time to fill out this survey as the more responses we get, the more information we will have about which clubs to include at GHLA in the future.

BEFORE STARTING THE SURVEY: Please make sure to only answer the survey if you are a GHLA student or parent. If you have a email, please use it as the email you respond with. If not, then use a personal email of your choice.

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School Notice

Course Withdrawal Fee

For course registrations received before March 1st, there will be a one-week grace period from the time the Welcome email has been sent before a $225 withdrawal fee will be charged.
As of March 1st there will be a $225 charge to withdraw from any high school course.