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GHLA reading challenge

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Announcing GHLA's reading challenge.

This years reading challenge is all set up at ready to go.

Print out the sheet and put a sticker over the ones you complete.  1 a month will get you to the end of the school year.  


List of challenges 

  • Read a book by a indigenous author
  • Read a mystery book
  • Read a historical book
  • Read a biography
  • Read a book where an animal is the main character
  • Read a book by a person of colour
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Read a poem
  • Read a book with a TV or movie Tie-In
  • Read a magazine or newspaper article
  • Bonus if you do all of the above using a picture book, graphic novel, and a chapter book

If you are looking for a list of recommendations  This is a live list I will keep updated as the year goes.  Feel free to send me suggestions about what good books you have read!!


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