Chick Hatching

1st chick hatched

Watch this short video of our first chick hatching.  I'm not going to lie everyone in the office stopped work for 20 minutes to watch this little one come out of its shell.

Day 19

eggs in a incubator waiting to hatch

The turning racks have been taken out. Karter has done the final candling.  The incubator is now on lockdown and will not be opened up until the chicks have all hatched. This can take a couple of days so watch closely.

Day 7 Candling

egg candling

The above link will take you to our YouTube channel so you can watch the candling process

Karter did our first egg candling.  Special Thank you to the Storefront Students for helping us out.

The Eggs are in!!

The eggs went into the incubator at about 9:00 this morning

Special thanks to

Prairie Crocus Hobby Farm

Vogelsang-Bundy Farms 

for providing the eggs.  Hopefully, we will see the following types of chickens:

  • Orpington
  • Colored layers
  • Silkie
  • Frizzle
  • Leghorn
  • Brahma

Can you guess which eggs will hatch which kind of chicken?