Registration Information

To Register for the 2022-2023 School Year, follow the instructions below.

 Click on the link to fill out the registration package. Registration is open all year for high school students.

School Engage

Once all of the required documents have been received, we will be in contact with details regarding your selected program.

For Jr High and Sr High Online paper registration forms, download the paper form and email it to us at

Paper registration

If you have any problems or questions please call 403-934-5179, our office staff will be happy to help you out.

For Elementary and Traditional Home Education please click on the appropriate registration package beside the program descriptions below.

TRADITIONAL HOMESCHOOLING (Parent-Led Program)  Registration Package

  • This program is for parents who desire to plan, teach and support their children's learning
  • Parents have flexibility and ownership to develop and select learning opportunities that best meet their children's individual needs
  • A certified teacher will facilitate and support learning program throughout the year
  • Two formal evaluations allow learners to showcase their individual progress and learning
  • Funding is available to support learning

PROGRAM OF STUDIES (Teacher-Directed Learning)  Registration Package

  • We are online, self-paced, and teacher-supported (asynchronous)
  • Independent student learning with the support of guardians
    • Engaging online curriculum
    • Follows Alberta Program of Studies for all core subjects
    • Individualized learning goals and extra supports
    • Teachers plan, assess, and provide continuous feedback throughout the year
    • Flexible or adaptable scheduling to meet your family needs (asynchronous schedule)
    • All resources are provided to support diverse learners
    • Field trips and extracurricular experiences available throughout Alberta (COVID permitting)
  • We are not a live online program (synchronous)
  • Teachers do not deliver daily online lessons to students (via zoom or Google meet)

BLENDED (Program of Studies and Traditional Program)  Registration Package

  • Shared responsibility with parents and teacher
    • Teacher-directed Language Arts and Math
    • Parent-directed Science and Social Studies
    • Partial funding available to support learning



To ensure that students can begin their program as soon as possible, we require the following items from you in addition to the registration form:

  • A recent report card or transcript. This will help us to select the instructional methods and materials that are best suited to your student.
  • A birth certificate or other legal document to verify full legal name and date of birth. Other valid documents include landed immigrant document, Canadian citizenship document, change of name certificate, passport, or student visa.
  • Please also provide any information that will help decide the best program available. Individualized program plans (IPPs) and any assessment documents should be presented at this time.
  • Out-of-province and international students are welcome to register but may be asked to provide more information at registration time. 

School Notice

Registration update

Effective immediately, The Learning Academy is charging a withdrawal fee of $200 per course for any withdrawals after Feb 28th at 5 pm. In order to withdraw, you must first email your teacher.