Senior High

Golden Hills Learning Academy high school provides personalized and flexible online and distance learning with a combination of core, CTS and option courses for grades 10-12.  Students can choose to fast track their courses, to extend courses over a full-year, and to access their program from great distances as a means to address any of the following circumstances:

  • Students wishing to travel
  • Students who are involved in sports
  • Students who suffer from health issues
  • Students wishing to complete high school early
  • Students wishing to upgrade
  • Students who aren't comfortable in a physical high school
  • Students wishing to work independently and at their own pace
  • Students who wish to earn money while gaining high school credits

With support from GHLA staff, high school students are encouraged to choose programs that are best suited to their own personal learning needs.  These include:

  • Online and distance materials in a variety of courses
  • Special Projects, RAP, Green certificate and Work Experience
  • Knowledge and Employability

High school students can register at anytime throughout the year.  For more information, please contact us.

Information on career planning
High School Course List

Dual Credit Programs

For full-time students we offer:

  • With SAIT a dual credit cooking class.
  • With OLDS past dual credit opportunities have included courses and programs in welding, veterinary technical assistant, agriculture equipment technician, meat processing, fashion marketing, and hospitality and tourism.


Golden Hills Learning Academy offers many upgrading options for senior high and adult students.  These include options to retake an entire course in order to improve on any school awarded marks as well as retaking diploma exams either along with the course or on its own.  When a student re-writes a diploma exam, they will receive the higher of the two marks.  Please note that there is a fee for re-writing any diploma exams.  Other options may include upgrading levels of any given subject in order to gain any of the pre-requisites for post secondary education.

Please contact us by phone 403-934-5179 or email if you are interested in upgrading as we can provide one-on-one career counseling.

School Notice

Registration update

Effective immediately, The Learning Academy is charging a withdrawal fee of $200 per course for any withdrawals after Feb 28th at 5 pm. In order to withdraw, you must first email your teacher.